Can I file a civil suit against my ex-husband?

Asked over 2 years ago - Lansing, IL

I was married 15 years and I moved out of state with my husband. After several weeks, I moved back to our home state and filed for divorce. I tried to return to get my items but he refused to allow me to come get my things, changed the locks and moved his girlfriend in. I was going to get the police and return because my name was on the home we were leasing but my attorney advised against it. He stated that if someone was to get hurt I could lose my children and that I should wait and the judge in our home state would order him to allow me access to the home to get my clothes. To my surprise, l6 months after the lease was up and the divorce was finalized, the judge informed me that she had no jurisdiction in the other state. He immediately sold all my clothes, jewelery, and handbags

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    Answered . Your question is unclear insofar as to how "long" ago this happened. Sounds like an issue of "personal" jurisdiction, or lack thereof. Again, post isn't clear in regards to the timeline. Talk to a family law attorney in your area for specific guidance.

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    Answered . It sounds like you waited until the end of your case before you attempted to retrieve you items. The judge in your home state had no jurisdiction over the Illinois divorce and could not order your ex to do anything. You should have taken care of the return of your items in the Illinois case and long before your case was finalized.

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    Answered . Is Illinois the home state, the other state, or neither? It would help if you could be more specific. Also, when did this happen. We need some reference points, here,

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