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Can I fight citations issued for toll violations without the proper notification of a court date in Florida?

Port Saint Lucie, FL |

I went to renew my license online and found my license has been suspended because I have 3 outstanding citations for toll violations. I had no idea and apparently it has been suspended for the last 7 months. I would think the court would need to send something advising me of that. I wasn't even given a chance to appear and they tacked on fees and such and now each citation (3) have payments of over $250! I am so upset that I could spit! How can they get away with this? Is there something I can do to fight this and have my license reinstated. I got no notification .... if I had gotten something notifying me of all of this I would have taken care of it right away. Wouldn't they need some proof, like return receipt requested to prove they issued notification. This is wrong!

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You may be able to get them back from collections and in front of a judge/hearing officer. You or your attorney (highly advisable) will have to file a motion to set aside, recall from collections and request a hearing. Depending on the jurisdiction (which is why I highly recommend an attorney) you may be able to just allege not having been notified and they will bring it back from collections and give you a hearing on the toll violations.

Once they give you a hearing date, the clerk will give you a D6 clearance for the DMV which allows you to reinstate your license. The DMV is less forgiving about notice and more than likely you will have to pay a $60 fee to have your license reinstated.

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