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Can I expunge a battery domestic violence charge in the state of Florida?

Tampa, FL |

I wasn't prosecuted but went to jail and went before judge. The offended told the judge that there was no physical contact. The report said "No Violent Contact with Victim, Victim Present, Probable Cause Found" and "Notice Termination of Procecution"

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you were not convicted of the battery (or another offense relating to the battery arrest), and if you've never had another criminal matter expunged, then you should be eligible to have this matter expunged. You can attempt to do so yourself, but you'd probably be better served hiring an attorney who is experienced in these matters. While many criminal defense attorneys also handle matters such as sealing and expungements, not all do, so be sure to hire someone who is experienced in this area.

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  2. If you have never sealed or expunged a record before and if you have never been convicted of a criminal charge, you can apply to have this record expunged.
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