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Can I evict my roommate in the state of Wisconsin with a 14 day eviction notice?

Milwaukee, WI |

Two old friends of my husband and I moved in about 2 years ago. We do not have a least with them or an agreement writ in up. Everything has been word by mouth. For the past year they have been disrespectful. They have been getting drunk all the time to the point they cant remember nothing. Being very loud late at night while my kids are trying to sleep and recently physically abused me. We want them out. I know there is a 28 days or a 14 days eviction notice i can give them but not sure which one I can legally give. Sooner the better. We haven't charged them anything. I know the 14 days is for tenants that are week by week or month by month but we don't have a lease with them. Do we still fall under the 14 days?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You do not have the ability to evict your guests. Only the landlord does. You need to work with them. Call me with any questions.

    Cheryl P. Baraty
    Baraty & Polansky
    (414) 352-4600

    This is advice only and not a legal opinion on which action should be taken.