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Can i emancipate myself at 17 years old?

Bonfield, IL |
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I live with my grandparents because i don't get along with my mom and i want to emancipate my self i have a job and pay for everything myself and i feel i am responsible enough to take care of myself, but i would also be willing to stay with my grandparents

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  1. Here are the pertinent parts of the statute. Judge for yourself whether a judge will adjudicate you emancipated.

    750 ILCS 30/ et. seq.: (Emancipated Minors Act)

    Minor 16 or older who has demonstrated the ability and capacity to manage his own affairs and to live wholly or partially independent of his parents or guardian. No order of complete or partial emancipation may be entered under this Act if there is any objection by the minor, his parents or guardian. A mature minor who has demonstrated the ability and capacity to manage his own affairs must have lived wholly or partially independent of his parents or guardian. All persons named in the petition shall be given written notice.

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  2. Although my colleague has given you the legal standard for emancipation, I always ask clients why they want to get emancipated. You have been living with your grandparents, have your own job, and already pay for everything yourself. So, way is emancipation one year early going to do for you in a practical sense?

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  3. you could have your grandparents become you guardian. depending upon when your birthday is, you may turn 18 while the guardianship or emancipation case is pending and then either would be dismissed as you would no longer be a minor.

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