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Can I drop charges by myself without my parents' consent if I'm the victim and I'm only 16?

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I'm 16 and my boyfriend's 23 and we were caught having sex by the police and he's being charged for statutory rape even though I kept explaining that I wasn't forced to have sex with him. They said something about waiting for three days before we find out if the district thing (i don't know what it's called) decides to file it or just drop it. I just want to know if I, the "victim", and who's only 16 explain and prove that I wasn't raped and that I decided for myself but I'm going to do this without my parents' consent. I s that possible? And if it is, what should I do?

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You are a minor and cannot consent to have sex with an adult . Your boyfriend needs an attorney ASAP . DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO POLICE.
Get an attorney for boyfriend . This is serious.

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You cannot drop the charges. The state has the case and can proceed without you. Your boyfriend needs an attorney right away. You should not call him or visit him because he can get in a lot more trouble now that charges have been filed.

You must be very careful what information you post on a website like or any other public access website. Anything you say here is not privileged and can be used against you in any court proceeding. For a free consultation contact me at 954-620-8300 or email at .


You do not have the power to drop charges. Only the judge or a DA can do this.

At age 16, you are legally incapable of consent, although you may have consented. Under California law, you simply cannot consent due to your youth.

What should you do. Make sure your boyfriend retains the absolute best attorney out there. He is going to need it.


You're a minor. You cannot consent to having sex with an adult. Sorry but the ball is in the DA court and they will most likely file felony charges. Your boyfriend is going to need a good lawyer who handles sex cases.

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Alec Scott Rose

Alec Scott Rose


She also can't consent to have sex with another minor. It's just a less serious offense. In California, it is illegal for anyone, including another minor, to have sex with a minor.

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