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Can I drop charges against my boyfriend for domestic abuse by strangulation? And if so how?

Glencoe, MN |

My boyfriend and i got into an arguement, it went too far and he ended up choking me while i was on the ground. The police said he could be getting a f
elony for assault with strangulation. Is there anyway to drop the charges?

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You can't drop charges, once the police are invited into up to them and the County Attorney's Office as to whether they will proceed with charges. You can contact both the law enforcement agency and the County Attorney's Office and let them know how you feel. This may help in having them not file charges, but other factors may affect their decision as well... such as if there were any witnesses, injuries, admissions, etc.

It is important for your boyfriend to have an attorney during this process. Also, be careful not to post the specific facts of the case online.


I will tell you right now that the prosecutor will not drop charges, even if you ask...and especially if you are admitting that your boyfriend choked you. The best course of action for him is to get an attorney. Felony assault charges are very serious and he is looking at jail time and other serious consequences.

Also, if you are in a relationship where you are being choked, your safety is in danger. You need to think about getting help from a domestic violence group.


Hello. I urge you to have private attorney counsel at this time. The reason choking, strangling, is treated so seriously is that there is a likelihood that a person who chokes or strangles another (not to the point of death) will go on to murder that person or some other person. You, the person who is harmed in such a way, are likely to feel a sense of shame, embarrassment, a sense of responsibility for the other person's choice of actions, and you are at higher risk for suicide. Note that my comments are not to be considered exhaustive. I urge that you choose an attorney to help you now who has years of experience and is familiar with and especially trained in domestic abuse, as am I. Assuming you are a woman, I suggest you should choose a woman to help you. Should you need further attorney assistance: Some attorneys, myself included, will confer for free, at no charge. Then, if legal work is performed, some attorneys, myself included, will provide a reduced fee for need. All the best.

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Specific facts are important in this case, and I agree with the other answers; you should not be posting the facts online. You should definitely talk to an attorney in private. A this point, there are numerous ways the charges could end up dropped, depending on the facts, but you cannot have the charges dropped by request.

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