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Can i drink alcohol while on probation for a first offense dui in florida?

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can i drink alcohol while on probation for a first offense dui in florida?

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You know what? I think you know the answer to this question.

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It depends on whether abstaining from alcohol is a condition of probation. If a judge or your probation officer has told you not to drink at all, and you do drink, you are violating the conditions of your probation. If you are caught, the original sentence imposed could be reinstated, and you might find yourself serving the entirety of that sentence. I do not know the particularities of the law in Florida, but here in DC, it is common to put the restriction of not driving after the consumption of any alcohol on someone if that person is on probation or released on his/her own recognizance from an alcohol offense. This is quite different from the DC law, which states only that you must not drive if intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol. One you are on probation or release, your actions can be much more restricted.

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It depends on the conditions of your probation, but it would probably be wise to lay off the sauce for a while.

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