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Can i do community serivice instead of paying a traffic violation? And what are (if any) fee's with community service?

Westminster, CA |

i'm about to pay a $382.00 speeding ticket and complete traffic school after i've payed the ticket. Thing is i got another ticket for a carpool violation and im wondering if i can do community service for that ticket, since im low on funds and am a college student on a 25 hour per week job income.

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Your question is a bit confusing to me, but I'll give it a try. You say you are about to pay a $382.00 ticket and complete traffic school after I've paid the ticket. I think you may be confused about this. It is one alternative or the other, you either pay the ticket OR you attend traffic school, not both. My guess is the $382.00 is the amount of bail you posted promising to appear, that bail (if I am correct) will be refunded to you after you complete traffic school. You will however have to pay the school to attend traffic school, but it should be far less than $382.

As for the carpool violation, I doubt the court will let you do community service. They will likely offer you the opportunity to do jail time in lieu of the fine if you would like to do that. My guess is that is not an attractive option. If you are short on funds, the court will likely allow you to make payments until the entire fine is paid. I would suggest however you don't miss any or you'll have additional problems and possibly even a warrant out for failure to pay your fine. Good luck!



I actually was granted community service in lieu of paying a $490 fine recently, in connection with being in the carpool lane improperly...have to do 49 hours but I was told they can be done at any non-profit org. as long as I get them to sign off on the back of the form...but there was a $40 fee I had to pay for this option



I suppose it depends on which county you are dealing with

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