Can I do anything about abuse that was recorded through therapist/physiatrist with my husband if no police report was filed?

I made him leave after we just bought a house, just moved in. We discussed, if we split, he agreed to sign over deed. I put forth down payment. I had not worked, told him he wud need to file. He became more vindictive. He's Aspergers n Bipolar1, not taking meds, manipulative talked badly n convinced everyone it was me. I was private of the abuse, but it's Recorded in therapist n phyk office, he admitted it. He is causing stress, paying no bills. I had not worked, still not. He drained account, cut off credit cards, he won't respond, as though I was bad! I was a good wife! Can I have records sepinaed? Immagration? What can be done? He is not a citizen n not pay bills, be abusive, not take prescribed mentally illness meds- his work is aware of his illness. He works offshore. He has work visa

Houston, TX -

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Cynthia Russell Henley

Cynthia Russell Henley

Criminal Defense Attorney - Houston, TX

Your situation needs to be handled by a divorce lawyer immediately. Your agreements about payments, etc., are civil matters. Immigration will only be interested if he is convicted of a crime.

You can call police if he was recently physically abusive but it is hard to get charges filed unless it was very recent and there is a decent explanation for your failure to report.

Lee Alan Thompson

Lee Alan Thompson

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Lancaster, OH

Wow, you have going on here. No way anyone here is going to be able to give you a full answer except to say yes, you subpoena records. I believe you need to sit down with a divorce attorney, a good one, and go through this in detail. If money is problem, call around. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation. Good luck to you.

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