Can I do a hair alcohol test voluntarily to prove I do not have an alcohol problem?

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I am in a middle of a custody battle and the other party keeps saying I have an alcohol dependency (among other things) and this is not true, I drink socially and moderate (even less than him), can I just run some tests and prove that I do not abuse alcohol?

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    Answered . It is my understanding that alcohol will not show up in a hair follicle.
    You can offer to randomly drug test.
    You can also drug test on your own, and offer the results to the Judge.
    Either way, the Judge should get the point that you are not in fear of drug testing and that your are clean. You should request that the other parent do the same. Does not sound like the other parent will pass.
    In custody cases, it is best to be honest, and to be child centered. If alcohol is an issue; make it stop! Stop drinking, and agree to test. In sum, make sure it is not an issue.
    Your children deserve a parent that is sober, be it you, or be it the other parent. Sounds like you are sober, and that is a good thing.
    You have nothing to fear.
    Good luck to you and your children.

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