Can i dispute debt alleged in the complaint if statute of limitation has already expired?

Asked about 2 years ago - San Diego, CA

I'm being sued by asset acceptance llc on a credit card debt.I'm in the process of answering thedependant's settlement conference statement form. In the statement of facts section i'm planning to check "yes" and put statute of limitiation on "other" box noting that it already expired,the rest i leave blank. Am i doing it right?

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    Answered . You may be filling out the settlement conference statement form correctly, but it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT that you raise the SOL argument as an affirmative defense in YOUR ANSWER to the complaint.

    If you failed to do so, you should consider AMENDING THE ANSWER to add it (along with other appropriate affirmative defenses).

    To prove the SOL defense, you probably will need to demand discovery to obtain the documents that prove the date of the last charge and payment on the account, which is necessary to prove the SOL defense.

    If you don't know what I am talking about, I urge you to consult a competent collection defense attorney in your area.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . You need to read Mr. Ireland's answer carefully. You need to have alleged the statute of limitations as a defense in your answer and you need to be able to prove it bars the action at trial. Unless you have the necessary proof, you defense will fail. Good luck.

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    Answered . Counsel's are correct, you need to plead the SOL as a affirmative defense in your answer. Asset Acceptance, like other 3rd party debt collectors is hoping that you fail to respond to the complaint, whereby they will request the court enter a default judgement.

    You should contact a consumer debt attorney in your area, as representing yourself pro per can be wrought with pitfalls. Feel free to contact our offices for a free consultation on your rights. Best of luck.

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    Answered . You wrote, "Can i dispute debt alleged in the complaint if statute of limitation has already expired?"

    A: Yes.

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