Can i contest my mothers finalized will

Asked 2 months ago - Augusta, GA

The executor did not follow my mothers Will financially

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  1. Shelley Ann Elder


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    Answered . When the testator passes on, it is the legal duty of the executor to carry out, to the best of his ability, the directions expressly stated within that document. The executor is in charge of settling the estate, ensuring the intent of the testator is met, and protecting the rights of the beneficiaries. Other duties of the executor typically include paying any bills left by the deceased; ensuring all assets are located; taking care of funeral arrangements; closing out bank accounts and dealing with any other finances; and completing all necessary paperwork imposed by law.

    When an Executor Has Discretion
    The amount of discretion an executor can use when settling an estate will depend heavily on the will itself. However specific the directions in the will, the executor is bound by law to follow them. In some cases, the document will give the executor the power to use his or her own discretion in certain areas. For example, the will may give the executor broad discretion to decide when to sell the decedent's property. In other cases, each step is explicitly planned out and it is the executor’s duty merely to complete the steps. Having said this, an executor is usually given fairly wide latitude in protecting the estate's assets. Courts will often refuse to remove an executor when a good-faith mistake is made.

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  2. Drew Norman Early

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    Answered . The question is not so much if you can contest, but if you can win. Sit down w/ an estate litigator to review the facts.

  3. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . If the executor has violated the wills instructions, and has gone beyone whatever discretion the will granted, you may have the right to sue. Whether it makes sense to do so depends on details we do not have and you need to sit down with a lawyer ASAP to discuss the details.

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  4. Amanda Marie Cook

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    Answered . As a practical matter, you would not be contesting the Will, but the executor's actions. You will need to sit down with a probate attorney who can review the Will, the alleged wrongdoing, and the court filings to date. You should do so immediately. If by "finalized," you mean that the probate is completed, your options may be extremely limited.

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  5. Darrell Brinnett Reynolds Sr.

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    Answered . You will not be contesting the will but you will be contesting the actions of
    The executor for
    Failing to follow the previsions of the will. Retain an attorney to
    Handle the matter.

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