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Can i collect unemployment in the state of california after failing a random drug test

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i got fired because i failed a random drug test can collect unemployment

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Maybe. Using illegal drugs can be considered misconduct and your employer can fire you for it.

However, EDD (California Employment Development Department) has an exception for drug dependence. If you enter a rehabilitation program (this can include medically-supervised outpatient programs), you may be able to collect unemployment benefits.

You may not think you have a drug problem, but consider this: you knew your employer might randomly test you, but you used drugs anyway, and it got you fired. To me, that sounds like a problem.

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You may be ineligible for unemployment benefits as a result of the failed drug test pursuant to California UI Code Section 1256.4. However, you should nonetheless submit your benefits request and go through the process to force a final determination on the issue based on the reasons you provide.

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