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Can I collect homeowners insurance and money from the manufacturer of a defective appliance?

Paso Robles, CA |

We purchased an appliance from Sears and an extended warranty. The appliance broke and ruined our wood floors. Sears passed the claim on to their insurance company, who passed it to the manufacturer of the appliance. They won't pay the full price to replace our flooring, but did offer us some money. We are having to go through our homeowners insurance to get the flooring replaced. Can we still accept the settlement from the manufacturer as well? Since the manufacturer is not who we bought the appliance from or who we bought the warranty from, it seems that their settlement is separate from the warranty we purchased and that we could use our insurance and still collect from the manufacturer as well.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You may be able to make a claim depending on the coverage under your policy. In any event,you may also attempt to maximize the claim against Sears since Sears is liable for all damages arising from the defective product.

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