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Can I collect back child support from non custodial parents lump sum social security disability payment or monthly check?

Chicago, IL |

My childs father is $59 grand in arrears. He recently had back surgery and states he will be on permanent disability. He is not currently collecting it nor has it been approved but he states he's been fighting it for 5 years. Will our child recieve anything ever? Is there any options or anything I can do?

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Social Security Benefits can be garnished for past and current child support. Contact your local child support enforcement department and advise then of the father’s pending SSD application. They should be able to make the appropriate notifications at SSD.

Good luck.

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Yes and yes. I would hire a private attorney ASAP. Make sure the lawyer has expertise in child suport collections and enforcement.

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Depending on how much he worked, you may be due benefits for the child based on his SS benefits. That would b3e sent to the custodial parent and in many jurisdictions is counted against the amount he is arrears.

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