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Can I claim unclaimed property in deceased wife's name in Texas?

Odessa, TX |

I found my wife's name on unclaimed mutual fund accounts on the state's unclaimed property website. I want to know if I can claim this money even though I was not her only heir; in Texas her daughter from a previous marriage is also an heir. They are not helpful over the phone and won't tell me how much the mutual fund account is worth so I'm not sure if I should even pursue.

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  1. The best person to pursue this is the executor/administrator of the estate.

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  2. If there was no executor or administrator appointed, these funds can be claimed if there was a Muniment of Title probate of her Will. That would put the money in the hands of the devisees of her Will. If she had no Will and there was no probate, the instructions for claiming the money are on the state website. It would go to your wife's heirs, not just you.

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  3. The unclaimed property needs to be claimed by the decedent's estate, usually by the estate's executor or administrator. The value of the unclaimed property will then be distributed to the heirs per the will or intestate laws.

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