Can I claim my younger sister on my tax return?

My mother doesn't work and I supply the income for my little sister. Am I allowed to claim her on my taxes to increase my refund amount? Thank you.

Atlanta, GA -

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Christopher Ryan Lee

Christopher Ryan Lee

Tax Lawyer - Atlanta, GA

You can but she has to live with you, you have to pay for the majority of her support and she has to be 18 or younger or under 24 and in school.

Christopher Michael Larson

Christopher Michael Larson

Tax Lawyer - Seattle, WA

As Attorney Lee states, she must live with you more than 50% of the year. You cannot claim her simply because you give your mother money.

Christopher Larson
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Howard Aaron Lazarus

Howard Aaron Lazarus

Tax Lawyer - Bloomington, MN

Attorneys Lee and Larson have given you the answer you are searching for.

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John P Fazzio III

John P Fazzio III

Tax Lawyer - Mahwah, NJ

As per the other answers, she would have to meet the dependency test.

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