Can i claim false imprisonment?

i was arrested and being accused of felon in possession of a fire arm and discharging a firearm in a public place i have been to two court appearances and they keep resetting it for docket calls they denied my bond reduction request they havent taken it over to district court and i havent even been charged with anything yet its all accusations my pub. defender says that they keep sending it to another docket call cause they dont have any evidence against me but the prosecutor keeps bringing my me into it when the lawyers have their discussions regarding the case like they are trying to pin this on me i wasnt arrested with a weapon i dont even know anything about the weapons they recovered i did a powder residue test no questions asked STILL IN JAIL no end in site.

Lincoln, NE -

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Brendan Michael Kelly

Brendan Michael Kelly

Criminal Defense Attorney - Omaha, NE

Not likely to be able to win on a false imprisonment suit. I would have your public defender argue bond and have any family or friends show at your next hearing to point to your ties to the community. You may just want to pay to hire an attorney to fight for you.

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

From what you described in your criminal case you are charged with a crime in Nebraska on two felony charges. As a rule, the felony charges have certain bond conditions attached to your subsequent release, such as the risk of flight and danger to the community. Upon this determination the court judge sets a bond amount during a bond hearing.
You indicated that the bond reduction request was denied. In such cases depending on certain vital factors that is not unusual.
In my personal professional opinion I do not believe there are any valid allegations of false imprisonment in your case that could be asserted.

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