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Can i charge my ex bf for blackmail and can i charge him with traumatizing me emotionally?

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my ex is trying to black mail me with a dirty video of me and him he is telling me if i don't go back with him he will post it online i also want to get a restraining order because he keeps on texting me that he is going to make me suffer and etc. and he has traumatized me emotionally to the point were rite now i cant even be alone in a house or in my own house with out felling scared that he mite come after me i feel like i have to hide from him rite now ................ by the way he is i have proof of him texting me and reasons how i have been traumatized

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  1. Well as you are not a prosecutor, you cannot "charge" anybody with anything. You can go talk with the prosecutor about your situation and also go get a restraining order and if he violates it call the police.

  2. Get a restraining order. He is harassing you. Once that video is online, you may not ever get it off. It will get passed from site to site. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation. My suggestion is to meet with many to determine which one is best for you.
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  3. Getting a restraining order is a good idea. However, it's not up to you to charge him. You'll need to either call law enforcement or the Ventura County District Attorney's if you wish to have them possibly file charges against him. Best of luck.

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  4. This has to be handled very carefully. You need a restraining order and then file a complaint with the police or DA.

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