Can I charge my boyfriends ex wife for defamation?

My boyfriend is going through a divorce and his soon to be ex wife is trying to get all the money she can out of him. She is doing this in a way so that she gets full custody and not shared. The kids and I are very close and love each other but his ex wife has put many false accusations in to her divorce affidavits about things that I have done to the kids, for example walking in on 13 year old in shower. These were all lies and the kids have said that they would go to court and say that she is lying. She calls me very degrading profanities to all parents at kids games, schools, family, etc. She tries to ruin my reputation with everyone that my boyfriend and I deal with, with the children and with everyone that knows and is associated with his family. Is there anything I can charge her w/?

Boston, MA -

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Michael P. Gerace

Michael P. Gerace

Personal Injury Lawyer - Worcester, MA

If the woman is making false statements about you to others that are harmful to your reputation, embarrassing and/or injurious to you, then you may have a decent civil suit against her for libel/slander. If she is making false and damaging statements about you in her pleadings and also making false and damaging statements about you to other parents, etc., then she is committing a tort against you. Think about this: can you prove it? if you get a judgment does she have the ability to pay or is she broke? And, even if the answers are not strong to the previous two questions, filing a suit against her, one that has merit, might get her to stop. You might want to talk with an attorney about this.

Christopher Gary Todd

Christopher Gary Todd

Personal Injury Lawyer - White Plains, NY

Probably not, if she has not threatened you. Nevertheless, it may be helpful to speak to a MA attorney and/or your boyfriend's divorce attorney about your options to have her cease her behavior.

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