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Can I change lawyers

Stockbridge, GA |

I have been on worker comp since November and am barely paying my bills. I am losing everything I feel my lawyer could be doing more can I switch lawyers

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  1. Yes, you need to have confidence in your lawyer. First try to work out your differences. But in my 21 years of experience, sometimes rhat just cant be worked out If you can't it doesn't cost you any more in feed than you would pay now. You need an experienced trusted advisor you can have confidence in.

    Do your research. Good luck my friend.

    Russell Keener

  2. Lawyers are not assigned to you by the Gods. You can always change him/her. Just make sure you agree to pay the reasonable fees for the work s/he has performed for you.

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  3. Yes, you can, but first you need to ask yourself: What more could my lawyer be doing? It may be that your lawyer has done everything for you that can be done.

    In order to answer that question you need to educate yourself about the workers' comp system. You may already be getting all the benefits that are available, and there is nothing a lawyer can do to get you more at this point .

  4. Of course you can.

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  5. You do have a right to change lawyers, however, you still may have to pay the lawyer that you currently have for the work that has been done. Just keep in mind that sometimes the process is not as fast as you want it to be and the lawyer may have done everything in their control at this point and is waiting on someone else to,act.

  6. Comp cases can be some of the most frustrating cases to live through. You are hurt, you are out of work, if you are receiving benefits they are less that what you are used to making, the checks you receive may not be consistent, you have people doubting your injuries and questioning your honesty, and the bills to not take a vacation. Your case may eventually be worth money, but until you have recovered as well as you are going to, you do not need to try and settle your case. Thus, the waiting ensues. If you are not comfortable with what your attorney is doing with the case, make sure you understand the facts and circumstances. If you are still dissatisfied, I suggest you go and speak with another attorney. Sometimes, once the relationship breaks down (many times due to lack of communication rather than he or she doing a bad job) a change may be necessary. The former attorney would be eligible to be paid on the case and will retain a lien, which would come out of the new attorney's share.

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  7. Sounds like you're getting your weekly WC checks and medical care. Changing lawyers won't do you any good, as you're getting everything you can get under the WC statute.

  8. Since you are currently represented, the only general guidance I can provide in response to this question is to follow up with your lawyer to make them aware of your concerns and to ensure that they are doing everything the Workers' Compensation Act allows on your behalf. If you and your attorney reach a point where you have a breakdown in communication or where you have disagreements on trial strategy or other issues that cannot be resolved, and if you do decide to move on and seek new counsel, then you are permitted to switch lawyers subject to the lien provisions noted in the other answers already discussed in other posts here, but there is also no absolute guarantee that another lawyer will be willing to take on your claim or that a new lawyer would necessarily do anything differently or better than your current lawyer if it turns out they are currently doing everything that the law allows.