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Can I bring my sick parents to US as a US citizen?

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I am a US citizen by naturalization, 37 year old, working full time. My parents live back in my country. They are old - 62and 72, and now my mom is sick, my mom in worst condition,in bed, not walking, not able to take care of herself. For years I've been thinking of that moment, and anticipated coming I asked them so many times before to move in with me, so I can take care of them. Now, when they really need me I am afraid they wont be approved for green cards with her medical condition. The other way is to sell my condo/car(or give back to the banks), quit my job, and go back to my country, to help them, But with no job there I am not sure I can help either. Do you know if there is any way to solve my problem. Thank you in advance.

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They probably will be able to immigrate. Medical conditions are only a basis to deny admission in permanent resident status if a person has a communicable disease or some disorder that has posed a threat to themselves, others, or property. The other issue raised is whether your parents are a likely public charge. As a petitioning relative, you are required to file an affidavit of support to show that you could support them at 125% of the poverty level. If there are unusually high medical costs, you might need to prove that you could provide for those. For example, you might need to prove that you could afford to by medical insurance for them.


Mr. Crabtree's answer is concise and on-point.

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If you're seeking to bring them to the U.S. for the remainder of their days, the process is very straightforward and you should be able to get them here within a year. The issue of the medical condition is two fold. If it falls under a disease of public significance, then you'll need a waiver for it. If it requires significant assets for the medical treatment, you'll simply have to show that they can obtain appropriate insurance.

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