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Can I bring a lawsuit against my apartment complex for negligence?

Atlanta, GA |

Earlier this summer, brand new window shades were installed in every apartment in my complex, but apparently the window shades in my apartment were installed incorrectly; they were not fastened and locked in correctly.
Here is what happened, upon waking this morning, I tried to draw the shades up to listen
to the morning rain--this is the first time I have tried to do this since they were
installed, and the whole apparatus fell down on my face requiring me to go to the ER where the doctors were able to stitch a small but bloody gash (three stitches). I use some force pulling down the string, but not much. I will have hospital bills and a permanent scar on my face as a consequence of this. Thanks for any assistance. Mark

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    I think you want to see if you can find a personal injury lawyer who may also know some landlord/tenant law, but the PI stuff is more important. Cases like that are almost always covered by some sort of insurance and almost always get settled. An experienced PI lawyer can evaluate the extent of your injury and perhaps give you a ballpark assessment of what you might get in a settlement. Whether it scars makes a big difference in the value of the case; a permanent facial scar can be something that affects you for life. I may be able to refer you to a good PI lawyer. I'm sorry to hear about your injury and hope it heals well.

  2. Yes, you can probably sue for that.

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  3. Yes, you can sue. Contact a lawyer, he will probably look to the installer of the shades as well as the complex.

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