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Can I breach a non-compete contract for financial and health reasons?

Issaquah, WA |

I signed a non-compete with a hair salon. After about three months, I finally quit because extremely hostile work environment. The non-compete states that I cannot open/work at a certain type of salon or use a specific type of hair products within 8-10 miles of the salon for two years. The salon I hope to work at is not that same type, but is about 7 miles from the previous salon. I live further than that from the potential salon and cannot afford to drive farther. For my health, I have auto-immune related allergies that restrict me to using this specific type of hair product, a main reason I took the position at the original salon in the first place, and need to continue to use as a hairstylist. Do I have valid reasons to breach my non-compete?

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Non-compete agreements are extremely fact specific and the outcome of your situation really depends on the language contained in the non-compete and the facts surrounding your departure from the company. You should consult with a local business attorney and have them review your contract before you start a new position.

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1. If this was a GA contract, I could provide a response. You show Washington. You will need a lawyer in Washington to review and advise. These contracts depend on very careful reading of the agreement and they depend on state law - which can vary greatly from state to state.

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I agree with both previous answers and if the salon is different type then you may not be in breach.
Good Luck

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