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Can I become an engineer or accountant with a harassment charge (pushing and shoving) that got a deferred disposition?

Parlin, NJ |

I was 16 and in the wrong company. The judge saw my grades and granted a deferred disposition. The waiting period was one year and unsupervised probation. My lawyer told me only government agencies and law enforcement have access to the record. Public and private background agencies don't. I wanted to know before I go to college whether I will be able to get a job as an engineer or accountant?

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There is absolutely no issue in your obtain these jobs or any certifications associated therewith. The effect of the deferred disposition was to dismiss the charge altogether provided you successfully completed the deferral period. Beyond this fact, the juvenile proceedings were sealed so there is no background check that would reveal that this happened. I hope this gives you some peace of mind.


Juvenile records are sealed and will not be a problem. Good luck.


I don't believe it will be a problem. Run a back ground check on yourself to see if there is anything you need to explain.


Your attorney was correct. However, you may want to consider getting an expungement. Consult an attorney to determine whether you are eligible.



Are people typically able to get an expungement right after they complete their deferred disposition requirements?

James H Maynard

James H Maynard


No, the individual would have to wait 6 months following the completion of the deferred disposition before s/he may file a petition.


You are fine. Worry about something else.



It should not be a problem.

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