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Can I become a certified medical assistant in Georgia with a felony record?

Flowery Branch, GA |

21 years ago, I pled guilty to Intent to Sell Meth. I didn't sell, but my live-in did. They charged me because I "knew that he was selling and continued to live with him" so therefore, I had to plea guilty and received 6mo credit time served, 5 yr probation, fines, completed it all within 2 yrs and let off probation. Have never been arrested since and am a productive member of society. I have worked for a Real Estate Attorney, been a Property Manager for apartment rentals, among many other things since then. I have married someone other than my ex who is still in jail for the same things. I would like to know if I can work in the medical field or any goverment field with this record?

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Generally, a person's criminal history is not going to legally bar them from working in certain industries (maybe certain positions , but not necessarily the industry); examples of exclusions include theft or fraud convictions & not working in the finance industry, or working with children and having a sex offender history.

I advise contacting the Ga Composite Medical Bd @; or the Ga Bd of Nursing @ I am sure either of those should be able to give you a good answer as to whether someone with your history may be permitted to be certified. At least in some instances, licensing boards have discretion, while in other instances they don't, so it is best to ask them and find out now. Good luck.



Thank you so much for responding. I really apprciate it very much.

Daniel Ellis Rice

Daniel Ellis Rice


You're welcome.




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