Can I beat a ticket issued for running a stop sigh on a a bicycle? the actual charges are fail to yield right of way.

Asked about 1 year ago - Denton, TX

and bicycle or motor bike no/defective light front. is that even a running a stop sighn charge???? please help thanks.

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  1. Martin Ben Zimmerman

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    Answered . I am sorry but this is another urban myth that has been busted!

    With the rise in gasoline prices more and more people in urban and suburban areas are turning towards the use of bicycles to travel. However other than the rules concerning a motor vehicle, when it comes to the "rules of the road," a bicycle and its operator ate treated in the EXACT SAME MANNER as the driver of an automobile. That means that at a controlled intersection (stoplight, stop sign, flashing light, etc.) the bicyclist in the road is supposed to act just like a motorcyclist or the driver of a big rig truck.

    My advice is to either contact an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney in your area or contact the court to apply to take driver safety course for a dismissal if you are eligible.

    Good luck,
    Martin Zimmerman

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  2. Stephen Andrew Hamer

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    Answered . As other attorneys said, yes it is a charge (the citation should say the penal code section). Can you beat ticket? It's always possible. Call local traffic attorneys and see what they say. Experienced traffic attorneys have options: can always set case for trial, speak with prosecutor, hope officer doesn't appear etc. But may be easier to take deferred. Good Luck.

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  3. Dean George Tsourakis


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    Answered . In Florida bicycles have to follow the same statutes as motor vehicles, including dui.

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