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Can I be sued or taken to small claims court for selling a car( private seller) NYS

Albany, NY |

I sold my car as a private seller the car is a 2003 Acura CL with 184k miles, the transmission is now having problems the next day after they bought the car, I owned the car for 3 years and never had a transmission problem. Can I be sued or taken to small claims court for this? I gave the person a receipt that stated car sold "as is". My only issue is that the reciept was for a lower price then she gave me to help her with paying the tax on the car. What can i be sued for and taken to court for?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. 1 She can bring a suit

    2 That is no prediction as to strength of case; we need more facts.

    3 You are not a merchant, so you are held to a lesser standard

    4 You and she could face fraud charges through DMV which would be brought as criminal charges officially known as Offering a False Instrument For Filing

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