Can i be sued or denied unemployment for walking out of my job because the wanted my to sell cigarettes and alcohol to minors

Asked over 1 year ago - Blue Springs, MO

When I stared working at a gasstation my I had ask some young looking kids for id to buy cigarettes and my boss said it fine I know them they are old enough they looked young but had cars and came in during school hours seemed fine then I over heard them talking about his 16 birthday I started to refuse the sale of cigarettes to them they complained to my boss and she began cutting my hours I when some one had not shown up I was told to work and force to take my baby in and than hours after that had my hours cut even more the next time I work I saw they hired a new employee I called my boss to ask if she was going to fire my she said I should not be up set about it i asked for my hours to be cut said no didnt and she called me a liar and I set the alarm locked the doors and walked out

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  1. John Joseph Westerhaus

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    Answered . Can you be sued? You can always be sued for anything, but I doubt anyone would file a lawsuit over you leaving a job unless there's details you left out.

    Can you be denied unemployment? Yes. Walking out of a job can and failure to show up to further shifts is considered quitting, and that's a reason to deny unemployment. (You can generally only claim unemployment if you are terminated involuntarily). You should counter this by arguing that you quit for good cause.

    Link for MO Unemployment eligibility is here:

    Good luck.

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  2. Robert Edward Caldwell Jr.

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    Answered . If you were constrfired for not wanting to break the law, then I believe that is a public policy wrongful discharge. You cannot be fired for upholding the law. Now, you walked off the job, which makes the situation sort of different, but you also claim your hours were cut. If your employer did this prior to your walking out THAT is also an illegal sanction.

    However, it is not clear here if you cut your own hours or if you employer did.

    Please contact an employment discrimination attorney today.

    NEVER describe your facts in an online forum. I have CONFIRMED there is at least ONE county prosecutor that is a... more
  3. Harry Edward Hudson Jr

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    Lawyer agrees

    Answered . I do not think you can be sued. There may be some other consequences, though. Can some other company deny you employment. If MO is an at will state, you can be denied employment for ny reason so long as it is not a protected basis such as gender.
    You might discuss the situation with a cop. What happens then will depend on the local unofficial cop attitude about teenage smoking.

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