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Can I be sued for emotional/mental distress?

Warrington, PA |

I was talking to this girl who came to me for advice. She was having problems with her boyfriend at the time, so when she was upset about it she could come to me. I gave her some general advice like "things will get better", "stay positive", and that there are better guys out there. However, no matter what I said she never took my advice and was always upset. She seemed really emotionally unstable and was happy one second then completely upset the next second and freak out. Since she wasn't taking my advice, I realized I couldn't help her and tried to stop talking to her. However, she kept trying to contact me. Recently, she checked into a mental institution for help. If she says that it was me who caused her to go there, can I be sued for anything?

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  1. The short answer is, "No." Just a friendly word of advice: stay away from people like this if you don't want to get dragged into their problems. If all you did was try to offer her advice and you weren't trying to take advantage of her sexually, or otherwise, then there really isn't anyway that anyone can blame you for her problems. However, unstable people like this will often use people who try to help them and they will suck them in and draw them into their drama. Before you know it, you really could have some serious problems. I knew a guy like you who was trying to help a bipolar girl he knew, and she slept with him, because she said he was a nice guy, and then she accused him of raping her. It took him years to get away from the accusations and get back to his life again, and he could have avoided it all if he had just run in the other direction and not gotten involved with unstable people.

    Good Luck!

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