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Can I be sued by Walmart for shoplifting and what can happend?

El Paso, TX |

I'm 18 I was cought shoplifting at Walmart It was about 35 dollars that I got cought with i am really worried and know that it was wrong on what i did and that i have learned my lesson but have so many questions they did not call the cops the got my name down my address and my cell phone number they told me that I would be getting a letter thru the mail they said that they could also sue me if Walmart wanted to I live in in texas. Those walmart usally sue people? Will I have to go to court? Will this be on my record? Also he said that they where going to keep a record on me at Walmart so if I ever go back they would keep an eye on me. And what is this letter about that I should be expecting and how long till I get It. Can someone please help.

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    If the police weren't called then you weren't charged and you aren't facing crimi al prosecution and as such you won't have a record. I generally advise clients to ignore these civil demand letters. You don't owe them anything. In order for you to owe them something they would have to sue you, (in some jurisdictions prove damages which they most likely couldn't do), and win. Even if they could win, the cost of pursuing this is substantially greater than any amount they can possibly recover so they usually don't. They send out these letters because it doesn't cost much and they are hoping that you don't know better and simply send them the money. Nothing will happen to you if you don't pay it. Take a look at an article in the Wall Street Journal at the link provided below. 

  2. This is very fact-specific and the short answer is that you need to sit down with a criminal defense attorney in your area who can properly advise you of what to do and what not to do. In the meantime, don't go back to the store, don't talk to the police, don't pay any money to the store or in response to any letter you receive in the mail, and don't automatically plead guilty to anything. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer ASAP.

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