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Can I be indicted for something I was never arrested or cited for? How can I have missed a court date I never knew about?

Richmond, KY |

The police told me as long as I was cooperative and gave them the information for the person they were really looking for, I had nothing to worry about. I gave them the information, they left my house and I never saw them again. Now I find out that I somehow have the same charge as the person I gave up and was never arrested, processed, or even cited. How is this possible?

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You cooperated with law enforcement and gave info about another person. What there a contract between you and the officers for help? Were you working off another thing with the officer to aid you in past troubles? Did you give incrimidating statements against you in your statement to law enforcement concerning the other person? Sound like someone else gave a statement against you and someone made a charging decision against you so you need to get an attorney and defend yourself.

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This was a drug charge that I had no clue I had. There was no contract, no past troubles. I got a package sent to my apartment for a friend that I had no clue what was in it until it was already sent. Marijuana was in the package. The Feds came to my place and they knew that the package wasn't for me, they told me if i gave up the person it was for i wouldn't have anything to worry about. So I gave them the information for my friend, whose package it was. They left my place, arrested him up and I never heard about it again. Now, 4 months later I find out I somehow have a warrant out for the same thing that my friend was arrested for.

Patrick Owen Earl

Patrick Owen Earl


That is crazy. I wish I could take over your case and get to the bottom of it for you but I live in WA state and I am not an attorney of KY. Get an attorney and fight this. Sounds like you have a good case to win. If my comments above were "helpful" or the "best" you can mark them and that would help me out. Thank you.


The prosecutor can present the case directly to a state Grand Jury without a prior arrest/citation on the charge. The state Grand Jury can also request that a warrant be issued for your arrest. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

I am trying to give you a general answer to your question. We do not have an attorney-client relationship by this response on the avvo website. I have not been retained to represent you. I am licensed to practice law in Kentucky and in federal court in this state and the Southern District of Indiana. You need to seek legal advice from an attorney licensed to practice in your area..

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