Can i be fired for stressing to much at work.

i've work in my current position at my job for about 6 months and it has been hell. My leads yell at me for not doing what they want me to do but i'm doing what i was hired to do. they are always jumping on my case about somthing whether it's my fault or not my fellow coworkers have pulled me to the side and have told me what they are doing is not fair my boss and i have a bad relationship outside work so whenever he's around he just puts me on edge and the past few weeks i've had chest pains head aches i can't sleep and i just feel really depressed and i just don't know what to do i've put in days off and was denied by my boss because "we had new people coming in" they didnt . and someone took off the next week when they did show up and it just feels like everyones out to get me ..

Columbus, GA -

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Dean Richard Fuchs

Dean Richard Fuchs

Employment / Labor Attorney - Atlanta, GA

Sounds like an unhealthy place to work, and it sounds like you should be looking for someplace else to work, if you haven't already. The sad reality in Georgia is, that you can be fired for any reason, good or bad, or none for that matter, so long as the motivating reason for terminating you is not discriminatory. Do not put your health at risk by continuing to work there. Take off whatever time you need to get well, and when you do, begin your new job search with vigor. If voluntarily leaving this job is not an option, get yourself to a doctor immediately and tell him/her what is going on at work.

Dean R. Fuchs

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Donald F. Hawbaker

Donald F. Hawbaker

Elder Law Attorney - Griffin, GA

In an "at-will" employment state like Georgia (and every other state), either the employer or employee may terminate the employment relationship with or without cause at any time. Unless you have a written employment agreement that requires notices or a process based on cause to fire you; have rights arising under a union contract in which you are a member; or have been discharged for some unlawful reason (age, race, gender, disability discrimination), the answer to your question is "yes." The employer here could fire you because he doesn't like the way you part your hair and you'd have no actionable recourse.

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