Can i be fired for assumption being made by client without a investigation

i was using clients car he was aware of it i had two new tires put on and had it serviced i had gotten pulled over and car got impounded .. car was in parents name so client had told his parents he didn't give me permission,, i was fired without any questioning from me . in turn another agency has been telling future clients there side of story, I have worked for this group for 12 plus years never had any complaints and never have been fired from a job,, what are my rights

Scottsbluff, NE -

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Brendan Michael Kelly

Brendan Michael Kelly

Criminal Defense Attorney - Omaha, NE

Yes, in Nebraska an employee's rights are very limited. Not sure of your job, but really doubt it matters. Sorry.

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Amanda Elizabeth Lee

Amanda Elizabeth Lee

White Collar Crime Lawyer - Seattle, WA

I don't think this is an ethics question. It's not clear from your post what kind of job or profession you are involved in, or what you mean when you refer to your "clients" and the "group" you have worked for. If you are an independent contractor who gets jobs through an agency, then you rights may be different from those of an employee who has been improperly terminated. I am changing the "Practice area" for your question to Employment/Labor, because that seems to be closer to the nature of your question. That way, lawyers who handle employment law cases and wrongful termination cases may see your post.

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