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Can I be deported back to the US from france since my college kicked me out?

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I came to France to get my masters but my school kicked me out since the school policy was to pay tuition in full and not just by government loans. Now I'm still here trying to work but can't afford to leave right away. I'm currently sick and need a french social but I fear going to the immigration and being deported. I want to change my visa from student to working while I'm here. My family can only afford to get me a airplane ticket home in April. My roommate says I should go back to my school and get my immigration paperwork back but I have a feeling the school would report me for being here still. What should I do? And am I right to not want to go back to the school for my paperwork? As well as can I get deported because I'm still here?

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Since you are dealing with immigration law in France, you should contact a French immigration lawyer to answer your questions.

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You must contact a local lawyer who is familiar with the French laws on the subject.


You need the help of a French immigration lawyer since this has to do with immigration laws applicable to foreign students in France.

I don't know which city you are in France. I don't want to automatically assume "Paris".
GOOGLE "avocats d'emigration" for the city you are currently in.

You can also search our very own American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) at and conduct a search for lawyers in Paris, France. those are AILA member lawyers working in France and are fluent in both languages and in FRENCH immigration laws. They represent American citizens in France and should be immediately able to assist you further.

Good luck!

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