Can I be cross examined if I am Pro-Se

Asked over 3 years ago - Columbus, OH

I am Pro-Se and have trial tomorrow, when I call myself as witness does the other side have the right to cross examine me?

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    Answered . To quote my favorite ex-governor of Alaska... "You Betcha"!
    Seriously, though, as a party you have the right to testify, but the other side ALWAYS has the right to cross-examine. Indeed, cross-examination is one of the most fundamental tools for truth and fairness in our judicial system. It is really the reason for the hearsay rule. That is, you can't cross-examine someone who isn't in the courtroom. That's why the general rule against hearsay keeps out anything that's said outside the courtroom if the statement is being presented to prove the truth of the statement.
    Being a pro se party is tough. Good luck.

  2. Answered . Yes. A party has the right to cross-examine the opposing party and hostile witnesses.

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  3. Answered . Absolutely. Any witness who testifies in behalf of a party (including yourself) may be cross examined by the other litigants.

  4. Answered . Yes, I can not imagine a circumstance when they would not have that right at trial. So I'd say your chances of being cross-examined are at or near 100%

    You should probably request a continuance so you can retain legal counsel and then actually hire an attorney who can represent you if the court grants the request. Without knowing the background of the case, it's hard to say whether the court would do so. It's not exactly fair to the other side when you have presumably known about the trial for some time.

    Good luck.

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