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Can I be compensated for faulty denture?

Boothwyn, PA |

I had an upper denture placed on 4/15/2011. Since that time, the denture has cracked 8 different times & once it broke completely in half. I have had to take time off from work to have the denture "repaired." Presently, my replacement denture is sitting at the dentist office because they neglected to call me. This is due to an abrasive employee at the office. My current denture has a crack & I take a chance on it splitting in half every time I eat. Can I be compensated for missed work & the anxiety & headaches this has caused me over the past year?

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Sorry to hear about your difficulty. If you dentures we're not made properly you can be compensated for the cost of replacing them. Recovering for your headaches and anxiety may be more difficult unless you have medical documentation confirming the improperly fitting dentures were the cause. you should also be advised that there is a two year statute of limitations covering these types of claims. I suggest that you consult with an attorney specializing in medical malpractice matters.

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Dental cases are tough for attorneys to handle since your damages are usually limited to the costs of reparative work. If you paid your lawyer a fee, then you would not have enough money to pay the dentist. You might want to simply proceed with the repair with the new dentures and then switch to another dentist. I believe in the end that will be the best result for you.

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In addition to the advice already posted, you may want to consider a small claims action for breach of contract. You won’t be able to recover for the hassle this has caused, but you could possibly recover for the cost of the dentures. You need to speak with a local attorney to find what your exact options are.

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