Can I be charged with solicitiation for buying a prepaid card for a girl?

No sexual acts were discussed and only dancing was inquired about. I bought the card and gave the girl the info over the phone. After nearly an hour, she texted me saying I had been reported for solicitation and the card issuer was notified. Am I in trouble or did I just get scammed?

Virginia Beach, VA -

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James Donald Garrett

James Donald Garrett

Criminal Defense Attorney - Virginia Beach, VA

Let's hope it was the latter. You might try calling the card company and cancel the number. Just tell them the number was compromised; no need to get into too many details. They may even send you another one, or tell you how to go about getting a refund.

Under no circumstances do you talk to the police! If all you did was talk to this girl over the phone, there isn't much chance you can be convicted of anything....unless you give a statement to the police. If the police do contact you, demand and attorney and consult with one immediately.

Good luck.

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