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Can I be charged with forgery for cashing a my friends grandparents check for him it was only 175 dollars and I paid it back.

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So I was doing my friend a favor and cashing a check for him he assured me everything was legit and i just needed to cash it for him because he lost his id also I received none of this money personally and about a month later I am negative in my bank account because this check bounced or was reported as fraud i all ready paid back the money I just cannot afford to do any jail time right now I also have his grandparents house number is there anything I can do to prevent jail time I am almost done with college so I can go to jail right now

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Sounds innocent enough. Most crimes require a "mens rea" or "intent." Here, even if you did something wrong, you needed to know it was wrong and intend bad consequences. That all said, you should get legal representation if you fear Jail time now or otherwise...


Yes. You can be charged with a crime for what you described. What the outcome is really depends upon a number of factors. You should speak to a criminal defense attorney right away about the case. Do not contact the grandparents yourself.

Can your "friend" be used as a witness and except the blame? Probably not. Then you might be on your own. What record you have if any is going to play a role in the outcome. If you have no record there may be a deferred entry of judgment (diversion) prorgram where you can earn a dismissal of the charges.

Good luck with your situation.

Good luck with your situation.


Yes there is something you can do to avoid the terrible consequences you fear most. First thing is, you have to end the self-help legal research you are engaged in now. It's natural and understandable and it is distracting you from what you can do that will have a positive impact on your situation. Talk with two or more qualified local attorneys with expertise in the handling of criminal matters. Most will offer you a free, if limited, initial consultation. Take advantage of that circumstance and start interviewing candidates for the job of assisting you. That is the only thing you can do that will elp.


All these answers are good. It does sound innocent enough, but innocent people do get prosecuted. It's unlikely you will be arrested let alone prosecuted but if your busted remain silent, immediately say you want a lawyer and then shut up if even approached and questioned, and then hire a lawyer or if indigent apply for the services of the Public Defender. Focus on your education and good luck.

This information is not, and is not intended to be, legal advice. By responding to your inquiry we do not create or act within any attorney-client relationship with you. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your situation. You should talk to your lawyer as you are presently represented.

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