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Can i be charged with child endangerment for being at someone's home and they they cause a accident were the child gets hurt

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I was at my mother in laws house when she told us we could not leave when i told her that we are not children you can not make us stay she then became violent and came at me then her idiot husband stepped between the two of us holding my child she then knocked the him onto the floor trying to get at me she proceed to call the police calming i was attacking her we called 911 and told our side of the story and when the police arrived everyone but her and the husband said that she attacked me but then the next day a case worker showed up to investigate me and my wife for the incident the case worker said it was my fault that it could have been avoided if i left (what i was trying to do) it went in there files that it was my fault but the mother in law did not even get a file what should i do

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Every case worker has a supervisor. Every supervisor has a boss. Police Reports are a matter of public record. Writing down all of the events preceding, during, and after the event as well as you can recall each five second interval is helpful. Past criminal or civil conduct leading to arrests and/or restraining orders and protective orders involving your mother in law and/or her husband might also be helpful. Collect up all of the information that you can with names and contact phone numbers and addresses and then go see a lawyer so that the lawyer can look at the information and advise you properly.

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