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Can i be charged with burglary if the person caught claims that i sent him to that house to get a firearm that was mine? Untrue

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He robbed a house and got an address to another place from the mail. Robber claims I told him to get me a rifle that was mine from a boyfriend. Whole neighborhood knows the work schedule of these houses but because of the connection of me and boyfriend the burglar used me as a scapgoat an said that. Totally untrue!!! Now boyfriend says it is my rifle that was being taken. Totally untrue!!! It is his now girlfriends exhusbands gun who i have spoken to and he said it is his gun. Cops say i could be charged this is crazy! I am not even friends with the burglar. He just lives accross the street .

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First, yes you can be charged. The truth of the allegation has nothing to do with whether a criminal charge can be filed and pursued. Second, whether you think you should be or not you are the target of a criminal investigation and you must act accordingly. No more postings, here or anywhere else about this case. Avvo is not a confidential legal consultation. It is a public internet site and what you say here is open to all the world to look at. Second, consult a criminal defense attorney and do so promptly. Third, do not discuss this case at all with the police or the prosecutor. Fourth, do not discuss it with anybody else, either, including your family, your best friends, and the other people involved in the case. Talk about it in complete candor to your attorney and not at all to anybody else.


You should follow Mr. Sachs' advice completely. This is a very serious situation; you need an attorney to advise you regarding this matter. Most importantly, do not discuss the case with anyone.


My colleagues have it right. There is much at stake here so retain a criminal defense attorney . Good luck.

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