Can I be charged with a crime if I was a passenger in a DUI accident?

I was in a drinking related accident and was breathalyzed after the police arrived, I am 19 years old. The police gave me no medical attention even though i had a severe concussion and gave me no documents nor said anything to me pertaining to criminal charges. I've recently found out I may be charged with underage drinking. Is this legal?

Altoona, PA -

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David M. Axinn

David M. Axinn

Criminal Defense Attorney - Duncansville, PA

Yes, as you learned, underage drinking (less than age 21) is a crime in Pa. It is not as serious as DUI, but could still have some serious consequences: a fine, jail (rarely), and a suspension of your operators license.

There may be some questions concerning the legality of the use of a breathalyzer test in your case.

Cynthia Russell Henley

Cynthia Russell Henley

Criminal Defense Attorney - Houston, TX

Yes. You can be charged (and obviously were.)

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