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Can I be charged/convicted for animal cruelty?

El Paso, TX |

I adopted a dog from a dog shelter. That same day the dog ran away. While trying to retreive him he attempted to bite me twice And then ran off. He was hit by a car on the highway and taken to hospital. Now shelter wants to file charges against me for animal cruelty.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. There doesn't seem to be enough to sustain the charge based on your version., unless it turns out that the dog ran away because you beat it; or were beating it when "trying to retrieve it". Consult with a criminal defense attorney to determine the local laws/statutes that define "animal cruelty" and to see what your exposure is.

  2. If your locality has a leash law, you could be charged with that. Unless there is more to it, I do not see animal cruelty. Contact a criminal defense attorney. If you are a good animal lover, it is important that you not be found guilty of this charge.

  3. On the facts as posted, that would be highly unlikely.