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Can I be a webcam model in my home , with children present in the home but they are in a different room.....

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My soon to be ex- husband says he can kick me out for it. Mind you we both used to do it together about 4 years ago. I am trying to make money so I can leave the terrible situation I am in. My two oldest kids will be in school and my baby will be taking naps when I go online.

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I am not exactly sure what you mean by "webcam model", but I do have an idea.

Essentially, you can do whatever you want to earn a living as long as you are not breaking the law, have proper licensure and you pay your taxes. If web-cam modeling involves some type of illegal activity, the answer would be NO you should not do it, even if your children are living in another state. If what you are doing on the web cam involves nothing illegal, it is probably a better parenting practice to make sure you are doing it while the children are out of the house.

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If a Judge finds out what you are doing to make a living, with children living there, you could lose custody of the kids.

Get a job that does not involve removing your clothes.

Best of luck.

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I agree with Carin. You could definitely have an extremely adverse impact on any time-sharing/custody type case. I think that it's because while you can arguably keep your children from seeing what you are doing, you can't hide them from the "lifestyle" that you've already chosen to embrace. Nothing good can come out of "that" line of work. It sucks people in with promises of money and leaves them homeless, addicted to drugs and working for a pimp. Don't work for a pimp. Turn the webcam off permanently.

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