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Can i be a paralegal with a felony

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A paralegal is not defined in Texas statutes. A paralegal is a person who works directly under an attorney doing research, document preparation, etc. The attorney's signature goes on the finished product, not the paralegal's, so the attorney is ultimately 100% liable for the content of any documents the paralegal has prepared, or the reliability of the paralegal's research. So anybody can be a paralegal if hired and directly supervised by a licensed attorney. A related question would be, "Can I obtain a nationally recognized paralegal certification if I have a felony?" Since there are multiple such certifying organizations, check each one's website for their specific requirements. Candidates with these certifications are sometimes sought by employers as they ensure a minimum standard of legal competency.

But as to the question of whether a convicted felon can be a paralegal in Texas? Absolutely. With enough years of experuence, I believe you can even get a Texas Board of Legal Specialization expert certification as a paralegal. Consider marketing yourself to a criminal defense firm using your experience with the criminal justice system as a strength, not a weakness. Your experience will give you extra empathy toward the firm's clients, and an insider's perspective that the attorneys and other staff lack. Good luck!

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Yes. A paralegal is simply a person trained to work under an attorney's supervision to conduct research on issues, work with clients, etc. Sort of a secretary but with a lot more training and knowledge. You do not have to be licensed to be a paralegal. Many felons use their experience and knowledge to become paralegals. (A good example of which I am aware is a firm that does a lot of parole related stuff hired an ex-con to help them produce a video about what it is like to go into prison as a first timer. The ex-con spoke with families about what they could expect and the realities of prison. He was a great source of information.)

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