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Can i avoid jail if i violated probation twice and have two warrants for missing dui classes and driving on a suspended license?

Fullerton, CA |

i have a warrant for violating my terms of probation by not registering for my dui classes an drug and alcohol classes that i was assigned for m first offense d.u.i in July of 2013 i was arrested when i got my d.u.i and was released on O.R i missed my court date for my dui and got picked up on that warrant this is when i saw the judge and he assigned me 3 years of probation and the D.U.I classes. i got terribly sick with bronchitis the last time i was arrested and i have been homeless and battling to get better but i have no money and i cannot get a job to pay for my D.U.I. I also violated my probation terms by driving on a suspended license when my fiancee had been released from the hospital after being given morphine and i was driving. i missed court for this to and have another warrant.

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  1. Based on the number of warrants, it may be very difficult for you to avoid some custody time. If you are at all able, you should try to hire an attorney to help you work through these warrants in an organized and logical manner. Many of us on Avvo provide a free consultation, so make some calls and get some help.

  2. If you can, you should hire the best attorney you can as soon as possible.

    Most of us here on AVVO will give a free consultation.

    Troy Slaten, Esq. DUI Trial Lawyer

  3. It is going to be difficult to avoid the consequences your behavior here. Violations of probation, particularly with new offenses, and failures to appear are treated seriously by courts. Best to hire good counsel and clear these matters as quickly as possible.

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  4. Sometimes it's best to get a clean start. Asking for rehab time in "trade" for jail time is one tact to discuss with your attorney. There are great, free programs in CA . Salvation Army is one of the best. Get clean, do all your time in rehab., learn some tools to stay sober,and some job skills so you won't be homeless. Eventually you'll want a valid license. To get a valid license, you must take a CA DUI school.

    This answer is pro­vided as a pub­lic ser­vice and s a gen­eral response to questions. It is not meant, and should not be relied upon as spe­cific legal advice, nor does it cre­ate an attorney-client relationship.

  5. The court will see the facts as you have presented them and believe you just don't get it. There is NO excuse for not following the terms and conditions of probation. You will need to put yourself on calendar and clear this up. You may be remanded and may have to bight the bullet. You should retain counsel.

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