Can I ask for my own tax PIN if I am currently part of a subdivision of a real estate development?

I am living in a new development that went through foreclosure. We all share the same tax PIN. Many of the homes are now owned by a bank. They took over paying for the property tax and utilities (water, garbage, landscaping). Now they are not paying for many of the utilities. Is there a way I can get out of being in the same PIN. Then I can ask for my own garbage pickup from the city and pay my own property taxes (I luckily already had my own water line).

Chicago, IL -

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Joseph Younes

Joseph Younes

Litigation Lawyer - Chicago, IL

Contact the cook county assesor.

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Stephen Samuel Messutta

Stephen Samuel Messutta

Real Estate Attorney - Chicago, IL

If this is not a condominium this was a developer responsibility that fell through the cracks. And while the bank should have an interest in getting things done properly, you have 2 options: (1) pay your own property taxes based on your legal description until PINs are issued, so this would cover taxes payable this year and next, and (2) start the process with the other owners to apply for separate PINs through the Assessor's office.-- this will require all owners to sign off and will only start being applicable for 2014 taxes payable in 2015 IF you get the application in by the cutoff (which is usually in October. Assuming there is an HOA (whether it is run by the bank or by the owners) that should help as a coordinator. Having a property tax attorney help could be a plus too.

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