Can I ask for deferred adjudication on a speeding ticket?

I was recently pulled over in Laguna Vista, Texas for a speeding ticket. I was going 68 in a 55. I was wondering if I could ask for deferred adjudication, and if I could, what would i need to receive deferred adjudication.

Laguna Vista, TX -

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Patrick Owen Earl

Patrick Owen Earl

Criminal Defense Attorney - Moses Lake, WA

It is faster to just call up the clerk of the court where you get the ticket and ask the clerk if the court in question allows a deferred finding on infraction tickets. If they do then the clerk should be able to guide you through the steps and most of the time you wouldn't have to appear in court (Each court is different so ask that specificially). OR you can contact a traffic infraction attorney and see if there is a better solution for your ticket.

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