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Can i apply for SSN without an EAD. What should i opt for in the below said options

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What I couldn't quite find is what exact box to "check" on the SS-5 application form with regards to the L2 citizenship question number 5 bearing in mind my spose is not a US Citizen. I would therefore like to ask L2 visa holders who applied for an SSN without an EAD as to what box they "checked" on the form. Was it:

(A) Legal Alien Allowed To Work
(B) Legal Alien Not Allowed To Work
(C) Other

If you chose either (B) or (C) above, did you follow these guidelines stipulated on the form notes?
"5. If you check “Legal Alien Not Allowed to Work” or “Other,” you must provide a document from a U.S. Federal, State, or local government agency that explains why you need a Social Security number and that you meet all the requirements for the government benefit. NOTE: Most agencies do not require t

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  1. Yes but only if there is a need for it. No EAD means B. If you want the ssn, obtain the EAD and then you will receive for sure.

    Robert West

  2. This and the other question you posted really are immigration law questions and not Social Security law uestions. I have changed the topic of both posts to reflect this.

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